Human Nature Workshop

Welcome to our Human Nature workshop!

In the workshop we learn, share and socialize, being around with alike-people to make the world a more meaning place.

This unique, highly interactive course will introduce you to the concept of designing places through the sense of smell. For professionals and students across the creative fields and for fragrance lovers, it will provide you with a basic knowledge of fragrance and sensory design skills.

Lead by a combination of olfactory experts you will explore how to use scents to enhance projects in the fields of design and architecture, marketing and communication.

The course includes:

  • Develop a cross-sensory understanding of fragrances;
  • Learn about the seven fragrance family;
  • The scents that form the perfumer’s palette;
  • Blend scents: ingredients, accords and compositions;
  • Learn the history of perfume;
  • How to translate an idea with fragrance

You will also receive a personal perfume kit of 9 fragrances, which can be used for your own home study, or making perfume for your loved one!

Session Fee: $560 per person
Lesson Duration: 1.5 hour
Class size: 5-6 people per class (pretty small class for closer relationships!)
Next Workshop:  November 2019

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