Ruhaku Shikuwasa Brightening UV Veil SPF50 PA++++


防曬同時上粉底,展現容光煥發的皮膚! SPF50 PA++++
有色配方塗抹上臉後具自然透薄妝感,除了月亮桃葉油外,蘊含沖縄産100% 八重山青木汁及多種高效護膚的植物提取物(甘蔗提取物、葵花籽油、迷迭香葉油等),有效改善肌膚質地和紋理,淡化細紋、減緩衰老。防曬、化妝、皮膚滋潤三效全能!融合3種讓人微笑的香氣。 適合想美白皮膚及皮膚敏感人士。

由天然化妝品生產商小松和子(Kazuko Komatsu)監督,她曾為許多女演員和模特的化妝師及髮型師。


A UV makeup base that uses the sun as a spotlight to show youthful, radiant and fresh skin. SPF50 PA++++

Over 200 trials were repeated, and despite the high SPF value, a light and stretchy texture and resistance to collapse were achieved.
In addition, the plant extract with high skin care effect is luxuriously formulated to moisturize the skin as if you are wearing a beauty mask while making up.
Supervised by Kazuko Komatsu, a natural cosmetics producer who has worked on hair and makeup for many actresses and models.
Blends 3 kinds of aromas that make you smile.
Not only for those with high whitening awareness, but also for those with delicate skin.

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1.使用前請先清潔面部及做好護膚程序。搖勻後擠出約5毫硬幣大小份量於掌心,均勻塗抹至面部、頸部(勿忘後頸位置:) )、四肢。
2. 如想確保防曬功能,可再塗抹一層以防萬一。
3. 雖然Ruhaku 防曬產品非常輕透薄,但如果你想有更乾爽感覺,建議可再塗抹防曬後再在面部/身體皮膚表面輕輕撲上碎粉。


How to use:
Use on skin after skin care. Shake well before use.

1. Take about half of a 5 dollar coin-sized in a clean palm. This is just a guide, so please adjust it according to your skin condition.
2. Take an appropriate amount on the palm and apply on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and evenly on the entire face.
3. Take an appropriate amount and apply it repeatedly to hit the cheekbone that is easy to get sunburn.
4. The skin looks beautiful as it is, but please add powder and foundation as you like.

* When washing your face, please use “Tsukimo Reset Cleansing Oil” or your own makeup remover.



Methyl heptyl myristate, zinc oxide, shiikuwasha fruit water *, (caprylic acid / capric acid) coconut alkyl, polyhydroxystearic acid, erythritol, calcium carbonate, polyglyceryl-6 polyricinoleate, dextrin palmitate, edelweiss flower / leaf extract *, Tea leaf extract *, Matecha leaf extract, Shiikuwasha peel extract, Murasaki root extract, Yukinoshita extract, Licorice root extract, European raspberry seed oil *, Tokisenka flower extract *, Yaeyama Aoki fruit juice, Ascorbyl glucoside, Zeniaoi flower extract *, Camellia oil, Sunflower seed oil *, glycerin, BG, lauroyl lysine, water, Na levulinate, Na anisate, maltodextrin, tocopherol, squalane, orange oil *, bakuchia citriode Leaf oil ※, bitter orange blossom oil ※, dilauroyl glutamate lysine Na, mica, titanium oxide, talc, chloride Mg, hydroxide AI, iron oxide
※ organically grown feed

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