Tenimuhou Organic Cotton 40/1 (Yonmarutan) Beige Face Towel WO18S-263


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A beautiful towel that seems to be everywhere and has no functionality
This is a discerning towel that uses 40/1 (Yonmarutanshi), a fine count thread, which is rarely used for towels, and the density of the pile is about twice that of normal towels.

Although there is a density, it uses a fine count thread, so the thickness is just right, and the pile is designed to be self-supporting, so it is easy to dry and ideal for everyday use. A towel made with no garment that combines “water absorbency, water retention, ease of drying” and “soft feel” for everyday use.

The simple design without useless decoration is perfect for gifts regardless of the user.

Material: 100% organic cotton
Producing area: Japan (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture)
Size: Face towel (approx. 89 x 35cm)
Color: Beige white
Authentication: Imabari towel certified products
Washing indication : ・ Use of laundry net
Precautions: * When washing, please avoid using detergent with detergent, bleach, and dryer.

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