Ruhaku Moon Peach Gettou UV Protector SPF50 PA++++


*輕便透薄防水 不油不泛白* 
SPF50 + PA ++++ 物理防曬!
可以在面部和身體上使用的全身防曬霜。 蘊含沖繩古老美顏聖品-月桃精華,露狀質地擦開之後水潤滑順,絕無物理防曬泛白感。不油不膩,上妝前用也可!上臉還有淡淡月桃香氣。加入源於澳洲的星級防曬成分Zinc Oxide(25%),SPF50+、PA++++ 、控油防水的物理防曬配方。嬌嫩的皮膚同樣適用,6個月大兒童便可使用,是一家人的專用防曬霜!今春夏試一試新感覺?


Product description

This is a full-body sunscreen that can be used on the face and body.
Contains skin care ingredients that are great for delicate skin.

The fragrance is a refreshing and refreshing aroma based on “Moon Peach”,
which has been used in Okinawa since ancient times.

The amount of aroma blending is adjusted so that it can be used by children aged 6 months,
so it is a sunscreen for the body and body that you want the whole family to use.

* SPF50 + PA ++++
* Light waterproof
* Light feeling,
* No whitening,

Made in Japan.

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1.使用前請先清潔面部及做好護膚程序。搖勻後擠出約5毫硬幣大小份量於掌心,均勻塗抹至面部、頸部(勿忘後頸位置:) )、四肢。
2. 如想確保防曬功能,可再塗抹一層以防萬一。
3. 雖然Ruhaku 防曬產品非常輕透薄,但如果你想有更乾爽感覺,建議可再塗抹防曬後再在面部/身體皮膚表面輕輕撲上碎粉。


How to use

Please use on skin after skin care or clean skin.
Shake well before use.

1. Apply an appropriate amount to the palm and apply evenly to the face, decollete, arms and legs.
2. Take an appropriate amount and reapply it to strike again.
3. Even if it is smooth as it is, if you are worried about stickiness, please layer your face and body powder.

Basically it can be removed with soap. Carefully pre-wash with warm water before washing.
Use cleansing if you apply makeup firmly or feel it is difficult to remove.
When applied to dry skin, sunscreen ingredients may enter into the texture and may be difficult to remove with soap.



Methyl heptyl laurate, zinc oxide, (caprylic acid / capric acid) coconut alkyl, aloe vera juice *, erythritol, propanediol, polyhydroxystearic acid, calcium carbonate, talc, polyglyceryl-6 polyricinoleate, dextrin palmitate, ghetto leaf water *, Ghetto root / seed / stem extract, matecha leaf extract, edelweiss flower / leaf extract *, tea leaf extract *, European raspberry seed oil *, ascorbyl glucoside, eucalyptus flower extract *, mallow flower extract *, camellia oil, rose Marie leaf oil ※, eucalyptus leaf oil ※, Alpinia zerumbet leaf oil, sunflower seed oil ※, glycerin, BG, lauroyl lysine, water, levulinic acid Na, anisic acid Na, maltodextrin, tocopherol

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