Ruhaku Moon Peach Gettou Moist Cream


月桃抗氧化保濕霜 【Our Summer’s Pick!】

現代女性的皮膚屏障功能會因年齡和壓力而受到干擾。要皮膚健康,秘訣就是皮膚中的水分和油脂含量需要達到均衡。 成份除了琉球草藥「月桃」的根,莖,葉和種子所提取草本水份及精油等,亦有加入神聖草藥月見草的種籽,為皮膚增添清新的活力,提供健康,濕潤和柔軟的質感。輕透但足夠滋潤,特別適合夏日炎炎使用!

Ruhaku Moon Peach Gettou Moist Cream

A moisturizing cream that leads to healthy skin with a well-balanced moisture and oil content in the skin of modern women whose skin barrier function is disturbed by age and stress. Herbal water, extract, and essential oils are extracted from roots, stems, leaves, and seeds of Ryukyu herb “Tsukimo”, which has good skin-familiar quality and high skin-beautifying effect.
The sacred herb “Tsukimo” has a fresh vitality that gives you a healthy, moist and soft firm skin that won’t lose its dryness or open air.




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How to use

Use after “Tsukimo Balance Lotion” or “Tsukimo Night Repair Oil”

1. Take 2-5 pearls on a clean palm.
2. Use your fingertips to place on the forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin.
3. Gently slide from inside to outside and from bottom to top.
4. Hold your face with both hands and let it penetrate. Apply overcoats on areas where drying is a concern.



Water, olive oil *, glycerin, ghetto leaf water *, palmitic acid, BG, jojoba seed oil *, stearic acid, squalane, ghetto root / seed / stem extract, eucalyptus extract *, Hipofaeraum noides fruit oil *, glycyrrhizin Acid 2K, Argania spinosa kernel oil *, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, phytosphingosine, olive leaf extract, pottogalpstara tree extract *, polyglyceryl-10 laurate, xanthan gum, salix nigra bark extract, leuconostok / radish Root fermented liquid, ghetto leaf oil, mulberry oil *, rosemary oil *, hydroxylated K, tocopherol

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