Ruhaku Moon Peach Gettou Balance Lotion


Ruhaku 月桃高保濕抗氧化爽膚水



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Ruhaku Moon Peach Gettou Balance Lotion

A highly moisturizing lotion with 100% natural ingredients,
based on “Moon peach leaf herb water”, which brings “stable” condition to delicate skin that is easy to fluctuate, and was the trigger for the start of pale white.

“Okinawa Deep Sea Water,” which is said to be easy to penetrate into the body, in addition to the herb water of “Moon Peach”, which contains abundant polyphenols and has excellent bactericidal and antibacterial effects.

Furthermore, it is nurtured in the beautiful Okinawan sea and is rich in nutrient-rich “sea grapes” including minerals as a moisturizing ingredient. With high-quality moisture in Okinawa, gently wraps skin that is easy to dry. In addition, it also contains a plant extract that balances easily disturbed skin. It leads to a skin full of moisture and difficult to shake, giving a fresh impression.

Made in Japan.

Natural & organic cosmetics certified by France Ecocert Green Life

100% of the raw materials are naturally derived.

29.7% of the raw materials are organically grown.

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How to use
Use on clean skin after face washing
Estimated usage 5 dollar coin-sized

1. Take an appropriate amount in a clean palm.
2. Use both palms to infiltrate the skin with gentle contact as if pushing the skin lotion.
3. Make sure that the entire palm penetrates the skin and put it on the dry area.



Water, ghetto leaf water *, glycerin, BG, pentylene glycol, betaine, canina rose fruit extract *, yarrow extract *, sage leaf extract *, gypsophila flower / leaf extract *, fly potato extract, ghetto root / seed / stem extract, Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, brown algae extract, bittern, xanthan gum



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