Professional Aromatherapy (香薰治療 )90mins


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The aromatic molecules of plants have become precious oils through different extraction methods.
By smelling and smearing on the body, you will be able to improve the condition of your body and mind.
Our aromatherapy therapist evaluates the needs of the guests and formulates a bottle of their own essential oils for home fragrance, bath, or adding vegetable oils for skin care.

植物的芳香分子經過不同的萃取方式成為珍貴無比的精油。 透過吸聞、於身體上塗抹的方式,可改善身心靈狀態。
由香薰治療師評估客人的需要,調配一瓶屬於自己精油, 用於家居擴香、浸浴、或加入植物油作護理皮膚之用。

The service includes a complimentary 10ml essential oil and 50ml massage oil.

10ml essential oil: 50ml massage oil: choose the three most suitable for the customer’s current needs.
Make a choice based on the skin condition and needs of the customer.
Composition of different essential oils.

10ml精油: 50ml按摩油: 選用最合適客人當下需要的三款 依據客人皮膚狀況及需要而作出選擇。

Basic charge $ 550
1. Consulting services
2.10ml essential oil
3. 50ml massage oil

         Additional charge: depends on essential oil selection
* Retail price of essential oils is less than $ 150 (no extra charge)
* Retail price of essential oils is between $ 151 and $ 250 (additional charge of $ 50) 3. Retail price of essential oils is more than $ 251 (additional charge of $ 90)

基本收費 $550
1. 咨詢服務
2. 10ml精油
3. 50ml 按摩油
* 精油零售價 低於 $150 (不用額外收費)
* 精油零售價 位於 $151至$250之間 (每款額外收費$50) 3. 精油零售價高於 $251(每款額外收費$90)


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