Chant a Charm Organic Cotton Mask


Chant a Charm有機棉面膜4張(23mL /張)



Product description

100% organic cotton sheet mask that is moist and full of moisturising lotion with 100% natural ingredients *.
A sheet mask that wraps the entire face and closes tightly to fine lines due to dry skin.
Delivers moisturising intensively to dry skin.

*Only natural ingredients, and mineral ingredients defined in ISO16128-1 are used.
* uncoloured
* Petroleum surfactant, mineral oil, paraben, synthetic fragrance, silicone-free

Made in Japan.

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1. 仔細洗臉後使用。
2. 從包裝袋中取出面膜,並仔細揭開。
3. 確保面膜與眼睛和嘴巴對準,以使其整個包裹臉部。如欲敷眼瞼,請務必閉上眼睛。
4. 10至15分鐘後取下面膜。包裝內剩餘的液體可以塗抹在頸部和身體上!



How to use
Please use on the skin after face washing.
1. Take out the mask from the bag and carefully spread it. (Be careful not to spill liquids on your clothes.)
2. Make sure that the mask is aligned with your eyes and mouth so that it is in close contact with the entire face. Be sure to close your eyes when you care for your eyelids.
3. Remove the mask after 10 to 15 minutes. Use the remaining liquid on your neck and body.

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