Chant a Charm Lotion Rich (150ml)

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Chant a Charm 保濕滲透化妝水 (150ml)



Product description

A rich texture that fills with moisture that oscillates
and permeates throughout the stratum corneum,
and a natural herb that will make your skin feel natural.

It contains naturally derived amino acids, Northern Alps hot spring water blend,
and a thick texture that has good penetration.
Delivers moisture to every corner of the stratum corneum.

* Gentle fragrance of natural essential oil blend
* No coloring
* No Petroleum surfactant, mineral oil, paraben, synthetic fragrance, silicone

Made in Japan.

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How to use
Please use on the skin after washing face in the morning and evening.
Take an appropriate amount (500 yen coin size) onto your hand or cotton and apply it gently.


hot spring water, water, propane diol, glycerin, mallow flower / leaf / stem extract, Echinacea extract, yarrow extract, hydrolyzed pearl barley seed, rose oil, palmarosa oil, smell pelargonium oil, Bender oil, orange oil, sorghum oil, ylang ylang flower oil, sodium hyaluronate, serine, proline, white jellyfish polysaccharide, tamarind gum, raffinose, citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium aniseate, sodium levulinate, caproylproline Na, polyglyceryl-10 myristate, BG

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1 review for Chant a Charm Lotion Rich (150ml)

  1. Judy Leung

    I bought this product two days ago as my skin has rashes during this dry season.
    The lotion is very moisturizing and perfect with the CAC essence and beauty oil. After using it my skin has improved although still need some time for recovery Thank you Human Nature for introducing this product to me! I really enjoy the purchase.

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