Chant a Charm Barrier Balm (20g)


Product description

Concentrated organic balm that blends into the skin,
containing collagen that soothes and firms the skin based on plant oil
which gently wraps the entire face,
Organic herb extracts grown at Yamanashi’s own farm.

A texture that melts at body temperature when
taken in hand and melts into skin when done in small quantities.
The skin surface is sealed with a moisture barrier, leading to supple skin with a core.

* Gentle fragrance of natural essential oil blend
* No coloring
* Petroleum surfactant, mineral oil, paraben, synthetic fragrance, silicone-free

Made in Japan.

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How to use

Take an appropriate amount (red bean grain size) and gently apply to the part you desire.
Warm it up with your palm and soften it before applying it to your skin.
Can also be used on hair and body.

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