Bio Lab Blended Pure Essential Oil Fruit


Product description

The scent of a minty rose is in harmony with the sweet and fresh citrus scent,
creating a scent that feels fresh in sweetness.
The spicy and woody scent is accented,
giving you a relaxed and warm scent.
Each essential oil is famous as a scent that leads to a calm feeling.
A good blend for relaxing at the end of the day.

Made in Japan.

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How to use
Use an oil burner or aroma lamp to spread the scent throughout the room.
Drop 2-3 drops in the bathtub and stir well to spread the scent.
In addition, drop 1 to 3 drops for steam bath, foot bath and hand bath using basin.
Soak scent into handkerchiefs, sheets and pillows for easy enjoyment.
In this case, please note that it may cause stains on clothes.

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