Bio Lab Cleansing milk for sensitive skin 200ml


Product description

It is gentle on your skin and cleanses your skin evenly.
Each time you use it, it will lead to a fresh and flat skin.

Can also be used for eyelash extensions.
No phenoxyethanol used.
Made in Japan.

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How to use
Approximate usage: 2 pushes in the morning and  4 pushes at night
Take an appropriate amount on dry palm and blend into skin.
After that, gently wipe it off with wet cotton and then rinse it off.
If you are doing make-up, cleanse twice.

Point of use 
When skin is delicate, be careful of friction and skin irritation.
Use cleansing milk more than usual and apply it gently.
When the dirt comes out, wipe it off with the gentleness of stroking.
* If skin irritation is likely to occur, do not perform the wiping process, but wash it off.

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