Bio Lab develops skincare for Asian people with delicate skin qualities, focusing on
■ Selection, combination and blending of plants according to Japanese skin physiology
■ Product functionality required for Asian skin
■ Substrate ingredients considering irritation
■ Texture that feels comfortable
■ Trends of aroma that feels at ease
It is because we want to deliver “real phytocosme” that can truly produce the excellent skincare effect of plants and the comfort of aroma.

They holds the belief that beautiful skin is skin that has a vibrant glow that is healthy and overflows from the inside.
Biolab thinks that every person has a different shape and that the skin has its own personality and different beauty.

Bio Lab sought the answer to “phytotherapy”.
It is a holistic skincare that uses the power of plants to balance the skin, mind, and body, leading to the beauty of the skin of the human body.
It leads to a healthy state where the trouble is unlikely to occur.
Rather than a temporary improvement due to the power of cosmetics, we aim to make the skin itself healthy, revealing its true beauty.

Designed in Japan. Made in Japan.

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